Lithium Iron Phosphate Lineup FAQ’s

What is Lithium Iron Phosphate?

Lithium Iron Phosphate, also referred as LFP (Lithium Ferris Phosphate), is part of the Lithium Ion family. It uses LiFePO4 as its cathode material. This material is much safer, and allows for optimal power density compared to other forms of Lithium Ion.

Charging Lithium Iron Phosphate?

No special charging equipment or maintenance equipment is required to use this product. We have fully engineered complete compatibility with current lead acid chargers in the market. To prevent damage to the battery cells and the cell balancing controllers we request to have an externally regulated or fixed charge voltage alternator under 14.8v.

Is it for Sale?

As of December 5th, 2014 we have begun taking pre-orders on our Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries, min order is 500wh (0.5kwh), and are made to suit customers needs.

Customer Needs, what does this mean, Options?

All orders will be custom tailored for the consumer, Color choice, Voltage/Capacity, Physical dimensions, and Terminal Preference are picked by the customer.

What about my Underhood/Stock location battery would it be okay to connect it to an AGM battery?

Yes it will, your AGM battery has a resting voltage of 12.8v where our lithium is 13.2v this will cause the Lithium battery to discharge slightly, meanwhile topping off the AGM battery. All that will occur is their will be a small boost up period once you start your vehicle. This will take 30-60 seconds to allow the battery to charge up to its full capacity and provide full functionality.

Voltage/Capacitance Configuration?
As orders are custom built to meet customers needs we offer several voltage options. We can supply 6v,12v,16v, or 18v configurations. Our minimum order is 500wh or 0.5kwh, this equates to 6v/80AH, 12v/40AH, 16v/31.5AH, 18v/27AH. Additional capacitance can be added. Cost is linear, price determined by Kwh.

Color Choices?
We have over 20 different color choices to choose from, all are High Gloss Reflective Acrylic. Great for Show vehicles or a center piece for your install. Simply send us a color you would like and we will do our best to match it.

Terminal Options?
We will offer several terminal options, from Brass Top Posts, Built in Buss Bars, Direct leads, etc. We can meet almost any and all requirements.

How to order?
As each order is unique, there will be require conversations, back and forth until completion. This will take place once we receive payment. Payment at this time can be made over the phone, or via Paypal.

You can reach me at 1 (586) 879-6085 (Office), 1 (586) 883-2991 (Cell) or email: